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Our Team

Patricia Ross, Publisher

Patricia Ross, Ph.D. in English (NYU 2004), is an editor/ghostwriter turned “indie” publisher. Ten years ago, she was on track to become a tenured professor at the University of Colorado, but she’s too much of an entrepreneur at heart. She ventured out on her own, determined to teach people everywhere to write better.

She has been a corporate trainer, a teacher trainer, a tutor, and twice-published author. She was the “go to” editor for two print-on-demand/hybrid publishers when she was asked to start a publishing company. Dr. Ross took up the challenge and helped create Hugo House Publishers, Ltd. Having edited full time since 2004, she was keenly aware of what her authors were missing in their publishing experience and was determined to provide that at Hugo House.

George Gluchowski, CEO

George C. Gluchowski is the CEO and co-founder of Hugo House Publishers, Ltd. As a business professional and entrepreneur for over 45 years he brings a wealth of acumen and understanding to the world of publishing. One of his strengths lies in “doing the homework.”

A wise man once said that to be successful one should study the successful man. We have spent many years studying several such individuals. All of these are New York Times bestselling authors, some currently and some in the recent past.

One is the single most published author in the world who also holds the record for the largest number of literary works translated into a foreign language. Another has had multiple recent successes. We have studied not only their writing skills but also what font should be used to make the work a pleasure to read.

Obviously to attain these successes they knew something about PR and marketing. In fact some of them have written numerous articles on the subject, which we at Hugo House have studied closely, and more importantly, which we apply daily.

As the CEO the “buck” stops with him. He has one major goal for the company and its clients and that is the production of Royalties!