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Who We Are

After many frustrating experiences, some with traditional publishers, most with Print-on- Demand services, Dr. Patricia Ross,  English professor turned co-founder of Hugo House Publishers, has dedicated her talents and experience to helping you, the hardworking writer who dreams of seeing your book in print.

Hugo House Publishers with its imprint, Banyan Tree Press, is one of the only custom publishers out there who truly focuses on its authors. We want your experience to be pleasurable and profitable.

At Hugo House/Banyan Tree, we will be involved in the production of your book as much or as little as you prefer. By offering services ranging from ghost writing to publishing and distribution to marketing and publicity, Hugo House/Banyan Tree is truly a unique and sought after authoring partner.

Our professionals have extensive book-publishing expertise and will educate and guide you through the entire process—at an affordable price!

Hugo House also understands the importance of marketing your product. You worked hard to make it a quality product. The public needs to know about your book! We stress the importance of marketing, and we have made available the same quality marketing programs at Hugo House to our Banyan Tree authors.

Published books offer you notoriety, credibility, status, and even sometimes fame and fortune. Now is the time to get that book you have been mulling over for years into the hand of readers!

While it’s great to have someone give you an advance, pay your publishing costs and get your book into bookstores, the process can be long, arduous, and fraught with rejection. Good books deserve to be published, bought, and read.

Banyan Tree Press is dedicated to fully supporting our authors so that you have more confidence that your book represents you and the book gets better results—more business booked and more books sold!

Give you and your book the best chance at success at Banyan Tree Press/Hugo House Publishers, Ltd.