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There were cheaper ways of getting my book published, but none were as worry free…
Karel MurrayCSP

How We Work

Banyan Tree is a print-on-demand style publisher. This means that we work to produce a quality book economically. To do that, we have taken the best opportunities provided by the Internet and combined them with the new high-tech capabilities of digital printing, namely print on demand.


The Budget

Hugo House’s publishing model provides for the highest possible royalties paid to the author. We work with you and in exchange get a smaller portion of the royalties versus traditional publishing contracts.

There is a one-time author engagement fee of $1,875 U.S.


Author Buyback

Author buyback is simply the fee you pay your publisher for purchasing books directly from them. We want our authors to make money on the back end, which means we want you to make a profit on your books if you sell them directly to the public through back-of-the-room sales at a speaking engagement for example.



Royalties are the other main aspect of publishing that are often misunderstood. A publisher might offer you 4% or 25%, but 25% of what?

At Banyan Tree, our industry-high royalties are paid based upon net receipts, not on the list price.